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thonon dietThe Thonon Diet Plan was developed at the Thonon-les-Bains Hospital (France). Not officially recognized by this hospital, the Thonon Diet Plan can be considered as one of the fastest and most efficient diet!

Amazing results in weight loss!

The Thonon diet combines a reduced (or low) calorie diet with a high protein diet. It means that your daily diet will be based on protein consumption with a limitation of carbohydrates and lipids.

The absorption of protein will also help you to maintain your muscle mass without preventing the melting of your fat.

The Thonon Diet is a fast and simple diet to follow! A free diet... with such a so effective result!

The principle of the Thonon Diet is simple to follow but requires a willingness to achieve losing these extra pounds.



THONON DIET... it is UP to 22Lbs in 14 days only!


You will need to adhere strictly to the 14-day program without any gap from the guidelines in this reducing diet.

And after the fourteenth day, nearly 22Lbs will be flown. Amazing??? No!!!! Only an effective diet, simple to follow and very fast.

Good news! All information, menus, rates, food information and allowed/forbidden foods ... are given on this website... for FREE!!!


 thonon diet

THONON DIET... it is also a stabilization phase to help you to keep the lost weight after the 14 first days!


Losing weight is important. But do not take it up again is the key.

Thanks to its stabilization phase, totally free, you do not take back the lost weight. 2 types of menus are available on this website: 1200 calories and 1500 calories per day.

Simple and effective, the stabilization period is the key to success. Your success!







Description and principles of the Thonon Diet

thonon dietThe Thonon Diet is divided into two phases of the plan. The first phase of the Thonon Diet takes place over 14 days. This is a period of strict diet combining low calorie and high protein diet, which means that this diet focuses on the consumption of meat and fish, to help you keep your muscles and melt your fat. The second phase of the Thonon Diet consists of a stabilization phase of weight lost during the first 14 days of the diet. The duration of the second phase of the Thonon Diet is variable, depending on the weight lost

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Benefits of the Thonon Diet

thonon dietThe Thonon Diet has many advantages. Including the ability to lose weight quickly, which is motivating. In only 14 days, most people who have followed the Thonon Diet show a significant weight loss. Up to 22 Lbs within two weeks. Find on this website all the advantages, strengths but also the positive points to lose weight quickly. AND at the end of the first phase of the Thonon Diet, the stabilization phase will help you to stabilize your weight

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Disadvantages of the Thonon Diet

thonon dietLike many effective diets, there are some cons-indications to follow the Thonon Diet. Just take them into account and avoid any disappointment. The Thonon Diet is strictly not recommended for a certain category of people, such as pregnant women, people with a weak physique, ... but also for people with certain psychological injuries. This list is not exhaustive of course. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before begining a diet plan, whether the Thonon Diet or another one.

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Stabilization Phase of the Thonon Diet

thonon dietWhatever your result, a period of weight loss consolidation is important at the end of the first 14 days of the Thonon Diet. It is a period often described as a period of stabilization.

The stabilization phase of the Thonon Diet makes it possible to stabilize the lost weight and avoid the yo-yo effect. It is to supply a highly balanced manner while maintaining a lower than normal caloric intake.

Several menus are given for free on this website which help to reduce or increase daily caloric intake, according to the person who follows the Thonon Diet.

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Menu - Recipe - slimming program of the Thonon Diet

thonon dietAnd if we told you all about the Thonon Diet? Menus day by day, food allowed, forbidden food...

In this website you can find free list of foods to eat but also the forbidden foods ... all the details of the slimming program and of course free!

The Thonon Diet menus are available day by day. The three main meals of the day must strictly be followed.

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Testimonials, opinions on the Thonon Diet

thonon dietBecause it is necessary to know the Thonon Diet and the testimonies of Internet users, we have grouped and summarized for you, all the evidence, all that is said on the Thonon Diet.

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