The THONON DIET - Day 11

Detailed menu - Slimming program




Breakfast of the Thonon Diet

  • Coffee or tea without sugar or aspartame.thonon diet
  • For the fourth day of the Thonon Diet, you can eat a small bread. Obviously, no butter or jam with the bread!thonon diet
  • Take nothing else (no cookies, no chocolate, no sweets, ...). Nothing else (just coffee or tea at will and without sugar)

Lunch of the Thonon Diet

  • thonon dietthonon dietEat raw carrots, a boiled egg and a slice of cheese. The boiled egg is a protein intake and carrots are rich in carbohydrates.
  • Eat nothing else. Also remember not to salt the eggs or carrots. For seasoning, use lemon juice

Dinner of the Thonon Diet

  • thonon dietThe evening meal is: fruits at will! You can eat fruits as much as you want.
  • thonon dietA whole yoghurt (without sugar).
  • Avoid eat a yoghurt containing fruit (because the capacity will be higher in sugar).
  • Take nothing else. If you're still hungry, you can pick fruit.



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christine tolentino -1 christine tolentino
I am now at the 9th day of this diet. I've lost 4 pounds already... anticipating to lose some more :-)
2015-08-24 12:15

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