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Breakfast of the Thonon Diet

  • thonon dietCoffee or tea, without sugar or aspartame.
  • For the third day, you have the right to eat a small grain bread constituting a caloric intake in carbohydrates. Obviously, no butter or jam with the bread!thonon diet
  • Take nothing else (no cookies, no chocolate, no sweets, ...). Nothing else (just coffee or tea at will and without sugar)

Lunch of the Thonon Diet

  • 2 boiled eggs. No salt. Not an omelette or scrambled eggs.thonon diet
  • A green salad with tomatoes for the intake of dietary fiber. Lettuce and tomatoes are at will.thonon diet
  • For the salad and the tomatoes seasoning, the salt is forbidden. You can opt for lemon juice or the balsamic vinegar, some pepper or other spices, ...

Dinner of the Thonon Diet

  • thonon dietThe third evening meal of the Thonon Diet consists in a rich meal in dietary fiber and protein.
  • thonon dietThus, eat green salad and some cooked ham as much as you want, but only green salad and cooked ham
  • Do not add salt in the salad. For seasoning, same principle as for lunch: lemon, balsamic vinegar, nuts vinegar, herbs ...
    You can vary the taste of your salad in changing the seasoning!
  • Take nothing else (no cookies, no fruits, no meat, ...).



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Annie 0 Annie
what can you replace Ham with and egg if someone has High Cholesterol?
2015-11-14 02:34
ariel 0 ariel
All the ham I am finding are cured and have salt in it. I am suppose to eat that kind of ham or find the one with no salt. Also, what can I replace the ham with?
2015-11-10 18:01
furaha 0 furaha
what can you replace Ham with?
2015-01-21 13:29

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