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The Thonon Diet: An efficient and fast diet

The Thonon Diet is absolutely awesome. Most people who followed this diet have known a very significant weight loss.

In following strictly the Thonon Diet , it is generally found in weight loss between 15 and 22 lbs in just 14 days!

At the end of the 14 days slimming diet, no risks of yo-yo effect! A chemical process allows not regain the lost pounds if, of course, you follow the stabilization phase.

With the stabilization phase, you will not take back the lost weight.



The Thonon Diet in summary ...Efficiency!

  • A fairly significant weight loss (up to 22 lbs in 14 days)
  • A diet very efficient and fast
  • For the fans of salads, the Thonon Diet is a diet plan for you
  • No Yo-yo effect. The Thonon Diet creates a chemical process that prevents excessive feeling of hunger
  • No problems with constipation with an intake of dietary fiber in the daily diet
  • Food at will in every meal to prevent feelings of hunger
  • A stabilization phase to conserve the benefits of the first 14 days





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