The THONON DIET - Description

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14 days with a low-calorie and high protein diet, fast and efficient

The Thonon Diet is begins with a restrictive diet but which gives amazing results very quickly.

However, the Thonon Diet can not and must not be followed for more than 14 days. Even with nutritional supplements, also needed to reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

  • If 14 days are not enough to reach the weight you have set, it is strongly advised to follow a stabilization phase before another period of 14 days
  • Most of the french women who have tried the Thonon Diet attests to a significant loss of weight, between 10 and 11lbs as a minimum.
  • The main drawback of the Thonon Diet is related to the frustration you can have due to little food variety!
  • But unlike some high protein diets like the Dukan diet, a daily intake of dietary fiber (salads, vegetables, ...) will avoid any constipation problem.



A stabilization diet for consolidating the lost weight

The stabilization phase is the second phase of the Thonon Diet. It allows not to take back the lost weight.

The stabilization phase lasts one week for every 2 pounds lost 


The Thonon Diet, in summary:

1. A low calorie diet for 14 days with three meals a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening

  • A very lightweight breakfast

  • A low calorie breakfast and a low calorie lunch, but with food at will to avoid hunger

2. A stabilization phase whose duration depends on the weight lost




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