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You'll notice that the Thonon Diet is a very effective diet. You can lose up to 22 pounds in only 2 weeks! Rather spectacular results!

However, rigor in monitoring the Thonon Diet is undoubtedly the essential condition for achieving weight loss.

You must follow perfectly the Thonon Diet if you want to achieve weight loss. No options with the Thonon Diet: everything is carefully noted and must be followed!

If you like eating salty, you'll have to change your eating habits. Salt is in fact totally banned in this slimming cure.


A reduced calories and high protein diet!

The Thonon Diet is built around two principles of food diets: a high protein diet (or "protein diet") combined with a hypocaloric diet (or "low-calorie diet").

Therefore, you mainly will eat protein (meat, fish, egg, ...) and will minimize the intake of carbohydrates and lipids.

If in the top menu, we offer you the full details of the Thonon Diet (day by day for 14 days) and below, a summary of the two weeks of dieting. We advise you to follow directions complete (and free) in the top menu.

First day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, unsalted spinach

Dinner: 1 large grilled steak or 3 small burgers, lettuce and celery at will

Second day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar and with some milk

Lunch: a great steak, lettuce, tomatoes and fruit at will

Dinner: Cooked Ham at will

Third day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar and 1 small whole-grain bread

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes at will

Dinner: Ham and salad at will 

Fourth day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar, a small bread

Lunch: 1 hard boiled egg, raw or cooked carrots, a piece of cheese

Dinner: Fruits at will, a whole natural yoghurt


Fifth day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Grated carrots, 1 black coffee or tea

Lunch: Fish in court bouillon, 2 tomatoes

Dinner: A normal steak, green salad as desired

Sixth day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, a small bread

Lunch: Grilled Chicken at will

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, carrots raw or cooked at will

Seventh day of the Thonon Diet

Breakfast: Coffee, tea or a herbal tea with lemon. Without sugar

Lunch: A great steak, fruit at will

Joker Dinner: Eat reasonably what you want (No alcohol)


Eighth day and the following ones...

Resume the first day of the Thonon Diet up to 14 days

After 2 weeks, if you stick strictly to the slimming program, weight loss should be around 22 pounds


Ready to start the THONON Diet?


Day 1


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Nicolene 0 Nicolene
I have a question about the diet. In between meals. Can I have drinks like black tea/coffee or herbal teas. Or is it just water?
2019-06-17 10:46

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