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 We have collected and grouped for you, different testimonies from people who have followed the Thonon Diet.

Here's the opinion of people who followed the Thonon Diet

  • Little or no weight gain. The Thonon Diet allows to lose weight quickly, without generating the yo-yo effect, as it can often be seen at the end of a slimming diet.
  • The Thonon Diet is ideal for fast weight loss, on the occasion of a wedding, a party, ... 15 lbs without forcing in a few days, this is a very achievable goals.
  • Most people who follow the Thonon Diet reported weight loss of up to 22 lbs in 14 days. Some testimonies tell a greater weight loss. Everything will depend on the metabolism and the serious of the person who will perform the slimming diet.
  • The Thonon Diet is simple to follow! Food, doses are easy to remember, meals are easy to make .... for quick results, visible and durable.


A stabilization phase before a new session of the Thonon Diet

  • The Thonon Diet allows you to target a loss of 22 pounds in 14 days. For those wishing to lose more weight, it is essential to observe a stabilization phase.
  • The stabilization phase is usually a more or less long period of diet but which will allow your metabolism to "readjust" with your body and the loss weight already gained.



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THONON DIET - Testimonial - Testimonial for the Thonon Diet. Information about the best french diet plan. Here's the opinion of people who followed the Thonon Diet. A stabilization phase before a new session of the Thonon Diet. FORUM5.00 out of 51 based on 4 voters.


anne +1 anne
i am trying for the first day … i am not a salty love person - i don't even drink any liquid one hour before meal time and during and one hour after (no soup also) - as an triathlon race training everyday person - i don't know if this is going to work, i am ok the whole day … hope hypothermia will not happen tonight (this normally happened if i don't take any cab., honestly to say i am a little bit afraid now,,, i will sleep after 3 hours).. pray now.
2016-03-14 10:58
lilou 0 lilou
how long must we follow the stabilization phase
2016-01-26 08:15

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